6 Si Diamond Teeth
6 Si Diamond Teeth

6 Si Diamond Teeth

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6 Teeth SI diamond quality in 10k gold

100% Real diamond grill cut the Atown way.

The price being displayed is for a 6 top or bottom si diamond quality.  If you would like to customize your order feel free to give us a call or skype us on messenger.  We will contact you to discuss the pricing and confirm your order. 

This is how it works:

Step One: Select your Grill

Step Two: Place Your Order.

Step Three: Wait for your mold kit to arrive

Step Four: Make a mold of your teeth and ship back to us.

Step Five: We will make your grill and ship back to you.

Mold Kits are Shipped Using Standard Shipping. Finished Grillz Wil Be Shipped by The Shipping Method You Select. For Faster Delivery Of Mold Kit, We Charge Twice For the Expedited Shipping, One for The Mold Kit, and One For the Finished Grillz.

Once you place your order online we will ship the mold kit with instructions. Once we receive the mold kit back at our offices it typically takes 7-10 days for delivery.