Atown Grillz "Gold On Gold Grill"

Atown Grillz "Gold On Gold Grill"

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This product includes the Atown Grillz "Gold On Gold Grill"  choose from 10k, 14k. If you would like to modify this set please message us and we can give you an accurate price.


You can place an order online and get molded in store for this special only. The steps to place online and have the kit shipped to you are below.


This is how it works:


Step One: Select your Grill


Step Two: Place Your Order.


Step Three: Wait for your mold kit to arrive


Step Four: Make a mold of your teeth and ship back to us.


Step Five: We will make your grill and ship back to you.


Mold Kits are Shipped Using Standard Shipping. Finished Grillz will be shipped by the shipping method you select at checkout. Once your payment has cleared we will ship you your mold kit, once you take the mold of your teeth you will then ship the mold back to us and we will then begin the process of creating your grill and then ship it back to you